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A weak China may be more warlike than a strong one

The Economist
A&S political scientist Michael Beckley’s new book “Danger Zone: The Coming Conflict With China,” co-authored by Hal Brands, is discussed in this article, which requires a subscription to read in full.

Black engineers work to fix long-ignored bias in pulse oximeters

This article highlights engineering’s Valencia Joyner Koomson's work developing a prototype pulse oximeter that includes technology that can adapt to different skin tones. Photos of Koomson are included in this article, which is part of a series exploring racism in health and medicine.

When COVID-19 or flu viruses kill, they often have an accomplice – bacterial infections

The Conversation
Hayley Muendlein of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences explains how bacterial infections that occur at the same time as viral infections increase the risk of severe disease or death, and she highlights her recent collaborative research that revealed that an immune system protein known to be valuable in fighting viruses is also critical for fighting bacteria.

The Coming War...

Wall Street Journal
A&S political scientist Michael Beckley co-authors this article examining why China’s position as a “once-rising power” increases the likelihood of an attack on Taiwan and the crucial role the U.S. must play in addressing China’s threats.