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Tufts University, its schools, centers, departments, and units frequently enter into memoranda of understanding and other affiliation agreements with both domestic and international partners in order to expand the student experience, conduct and enhance the impact of research, and provide opportunities for faculty development. For more information about agreements, please contact to

What is an Affiliation Agreement?

“Affiliation Agreement” is a general term that refers to any inter-institutional agreement between Tufts (or one of its schools or the HNRCA) with a Collaborating Institution or Entity in support of academic cooperation and educational programs, such as academic programs, co-curricular or service opportunities, exchange of students, faculty, scholars and staff. They can have different names: Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Agreement, Affiliation Agreement, Exchange Agreement, Cooperation Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, and more. For more information, please see the Affiliation Agreement Approval Process outlined on the Office of the Provost website.