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Tufts in the World Map

The Tufts in the World Map allows visitors to explore our global impact through faculty and their research, student activities, and alumni chapters. Explore the global activities of students, faculty, and alumni

Academic Programs and Majors

Many aspects of Tufts’ curricula is global by design. Academic majors and degree programs across the campuses offer opportunities for Tufts students to pursue a field of study that touches on global issues across a wide range of disciplines.  Explore global degrees and majors offered across Tufts' campuses

International Students and Scholars

At Tufts, we are proud to be a welcoming, global, and diverse community. International students make up 15% of the undergraduate population. In Tufts graduate schools, international students represent over 90 countries. Learn about programs and support for international students and scholars here. 

Opportunities Abroad

Tufts aims to ensure that all students have a significant global engagement every year.  Currently students have a wide range of opportunities for experience abroad, ranging from traditional semester and year-long programs abroad, to Global Health service learning opportunities for medicaldental, and veterinary students, to research and internship opportunities. Explore international opportunities here

Global Funding Opportunities

There are many sources of internal funding for Tufts students to pursue study, fieldwork, and internships abroad. Learn more about global funding opportunities here

Travel Resources

Tufts supports and encourages International Travel by its faculty, student and staff while promoting safety and security measures that minimize risk to the traveler and the institution. Find resources for travel preparation including the mandatory Tufts Travel Registry, logistical concerns, and trainings for travel safety as well as provide assistance in case of emergency. View travel resources here

For students planning travel to a country with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory, a review process has been established to help ensure that students are adequately prepared and that necessary safety and security measures have been put in place. Click here to access the Tufts Travel Registry. 

Promote Your Event or Group

If you would like to feature a Tufts global activity on the Global Tufts website, please contact us.