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Tufts University offers international travel assistance and medical coverage free of charge to all Tufts travelers on university-related business. Tufts is partnered with International SOS, the world’s leader in international healthcare, medical and security assistance, giving our international travelers access to a full range of medical and emergency services.

To be eligible for the coverage your trip must be registered with the Tufts Travel Registry. This will ensure that International SOS is able to verify that you are a Tufts traveler and entitled to the services and benefits. These services and benefits are available for the duration of an international trip and end when your return to the U.S or your home country.

Benefits include:

  • Coverage of urgent and emergent medical expenses (does not include preventative or routine care)

  • Medical and security evacuation and repatriation services

  • Trip interruption insurance

  • Baggage delay (some coverage for delays at destination)

All assistance services and insurance benefits are initiated by calling International SOS at +1 215-942-8478.

Please view the video below to learn more about the benefits of Tufts travel assistance and medical coverage program.





Tufts and International SOS

Tufts University works with Aetna and International SOS to facilitate a seamless experience for international travelers.

If you need medical assistance while abroad, for emergency or non-emergency care, call International SOS at +1-215-942-8478, 24/7 worldwide. The medical team from International SOS will assess your medical need, make an appointment with a carefully vetted health care provider at your location, and render necessary payments to the provider. 

International SOS also offers an assistance app. Travelers are encouraged to download and launch the app before traveling. From the app, you can access country reports, receive alerts and travel updates specific to your location, and call or chat with an International SOS security or medical specialist directly from the app, 24/7. Download the app here

Tufts travelers can contact International SOS for security and travel advice, and country reports for their international destination. By calling the International SOS Assistance Center, travelers can speak with medical and travel security experts for advice before or during their trip, or in an emergency. Security specialists are available 24/7 worldwide to provide advice and assistance on travel and personal security.

International SOS understands the security threats and risk challenges wherever Tufts travelers go, even in the most remote and fragile environments of the world. Security specialists can brief travelers on a variety of topics, including:

  • Country stability and the security environment in the destination(s)
  • Threats and risks to foreign visitors (i.e., crime, kidnapping, social unrest)
  • High-risk zones and areas and neighborhoods to avoid
  • Hotel security assessments and recommendations
  • Advice for solo or women travelers
  • Travel logistics, safe transportation options, and communication capabilities in the destination

In some cases, Tufts travelers may need proof of international travel and medical coverage for visa or program requirements. If you require proof of coverage, please contact Global Operations at and provide your destination(s) and the start and end date for your time abroad. If your travel is approved and upcoming, you should also register in the Tufts Travel Registry

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the questions below to learn more about the International SOS travel assistance and medical insurance program. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel welcome to contact Global Operations at 617-627-3099 or

For any medical or security assistance (emergency or non-emergency), call International SOS at +1-215-942-8478 or through the assistance app. International SOS is available 24/7 worldwide.

Travelers should visit the International SOS communications portal to review country-specific information around medical, travel, and security topics for their destination. Please go to, select 'Member Login' from the top of the page, and at the prompt enter Tufts Membership number 11BCPS000093.

If you have a pre-trip medical or security-related question, please call the 24-hour International SOS Assistance Center at +1-215-942-8478. The alarm center is staffed by doctors, logistics coordinators, and security experts and can provide medical advice, information on travel in your location, or detailed security and safety reports for your destination country and region. 

It is recommended to download the International SOS Assistance App to the device you will use while abroad before your trip starts. Download the International SOS app here, or search for "International SOS" in your preferred app store. 

It is best to register with your Tufts email address and to enter the Tufts member ID: 11BCPS000093.

The Assistance App gives you instant access to:

  • One-click dialing to the International SOS Assistance Centre for immediate help
  • Mobile-friendly medical and security information to prepare for trips, with deeper content a further tap away
  • The latest medical and security alerts, delivering travel advice before and during trips
  • Favorite country content for fast navigation to travelers’ most used information

Enrollment is easy! Simply register your international trip in the Tufts Travel Registry and your information is automatically sent to International SOS. Your coverage will begin on the first day of your trip and end on the last day of your trip, or when you return to the U.S. or your home country. 

The International SOS and Starr Insurances international medical program provide coverage for medically necessary services, including:

  • Hospital room and board
  • Inpatient and Outpatient surgical procedures
  • Emergency outpatient care
  • Labs and x-rays
  • Inpatient and Outpatient mental health
  • Physician office visits and prescription drugs prescribed by a physician outside of the United States

Yes. Prescription drugs are a covered expense when they are prescribed by a physician abroad for an illness or injury. Maintenance medications, over-the-counter drugs, and birth control are not covered. Refills of maintenance drugs may be covered in some urgent and unforeseen cases (i.e., lost or stolen).   

Always check if your medicine is allowed in the country you are traveling to. You can contact International SOS (available 24/7) either via email at or phone at +1-215-942-8478 for advice on traveling with medication. 

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered.

Yes. Mental health counseling services are covered for emergency and non-emergency situations and include in-person or remote counseling sessions. Emergency inpatient mental health services and stabilization for substance abuse are also covered.

Yes, there are certain situations where coverage is not applied. Coverage does not apply on trips longer than 365 consecutive days or when you are traveling to your home country, even on university-related business. For non-US citizens, ‘home country’ is defined as the current country of residence or domicile.

Security evacuation resources are not available in every country. Contact Global Operations for more information: 

There are some medical and security services that are not covered through this program:

  • Routine care, preventative care, physical exams
  • Routine or non-emergency dental expenses
  • Non-emergency evacuations
  • Maintenance medications (unless for an urgent refill)     
  • Inpatient substance abuse care
  • Travel immunizations
  • Non-emergency vision expenses
  • Health care or evacuation services in the U.S.
  • Home health care or custodial services
  • Routine maternity expenses
  • Evacuations from a traveler’s home country
  • Services in a person’s country of residence or domicile

A membership card is available but, it is not required to access program benefits. You simply need to call International SOS and identify yourself as a Tufts traveler to receive services. However, if you wish, you can print a membership card as a resource and reference that includes the International SOS phone number and Tufts membership ID number.

No. There is no annual deductible or co-pay for this program.

If International SOS pays for covered medical treatment on your behalf, the claim will be automatically sent to the insurance provider, and International SOS will be reimbursed directly from the insurance provider. The traveler does not need to submit any paperwork.