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Confronting Global Challenges to Human Well-being—Together

Global Tufts Month 2023: March 1 - March 31

Beginning in 2019 and occurring annually, Global Tufts Week has evolved into a month-long series of activities and events across all of Tufts’ schools and centers, designed to:

  • Showcase the breadth and depth of global engagement by faculty, students and staff in education, research and policy and civic engagement work.
  • Celebrate and advance Tufts' commitment to global engagement, international exchange and global learning.
  • Promote connection and dialogue across schools and across disciplines on global issues.

The theme for Global Tufts Month in 2023 is Confronting Global Challenges to Human Well-being—Together. Tufts students, faculty, staff and alumni have sought to understand and address complex global challenges to human well-being related to many interconnected factors both at home and in a global setting. These relate not only to human and public health and disease but also to social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, technological and spiritual challenges that affect human health and well-being. Events hosted throughout Global Tufts Month will explore and showcase the work that is being done to relieve the global burden these challenges pose to well-being in all facets of life—from health, psychology, and politics, to development, education, science and technology, culture, and the arts.  We welcome events that highlight efforts at Tufts, both individual and in collaboration with others, to advance and protect all of humanity around the world and to facilitate dialogue and learning on these issues across national and cultural boundaries.

Global Month Events

The Office of the Provost and the Senior International Officer organize and coordinate Global Tufts Month. All Tufts departments, centers, institutes, units, student organizations and groups are invited to host events to celebrate Global Tufts Month. 

Events can include conferences, speakers, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, performances, film showings, cultural events, music, social and networking events, presentations and lectures, information sessions on programs, etc.  Events can be organized specifically for Global Month, and already planned events can be scheduled to take place during that week.

Events should be posted through the main Tufts Calendar, and will be displayed on both the main Tufts website and the Global Tufts website. Check the box for "Global Tufts Month" when selecting the event type.

a graphic showing the tufts event calendar with "Global Tufts Month" highlighted



Global Tufts Months events will be listed on the Global Tufts homepage. 


Each year, the Office of the Provost will offer funding for events during Global Tufts Month. Any Tufts faculty, staff, or student can apply for funding on behalf of themselves or an organization. Selected proposals will receive funding in advance of Global Tufts Month. The maximum amount of a mini-grant is $500. Please contact Christine Hollenhorst with questions. 

The deadline to apply for a mini-grant has passed.


Archive of Past Global Month Celebrations

At a Glance:

  • Almost 70 events were hosted across the Medford/Somerville, Boston and Grafton Campuses
  • Events included: lectures, writing contests, film screenings, performances and more

March 2021 marked the transition from Global Tufts Week to Global Tufts Month. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners found creative ways to connect during COVID-19, and celebrated Global Tufts Month virtually. 

Read the Tufts Now piece on The Struggle to Create Just and Sustainable Cities

Read the Tufts Now piece on the International Dentist Bootcamp, hosted in connection with Global Tufts Month

At a Glance:

  • Over 60 events were hosted across the university, and around the world
  • Events included: panel discussions, conferences, art lessons, dinners, and more

March 2nd -  9th marked the first annual Global Tufts Week. The theme, Linking the Global and the Local, was chosen to provide a unifying concept while showcasing a broad range of Tufts’ global engagement, both international and local, encouraging cross-school and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Read a write-up in the Tufts Daily

At a Glance:

  • Over 40 events were hosted across the Medford/Somerville, Boston and Grafton Campuses
  • Events included: lectures, art installations, trivia nights, dinners, performances and more