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Tufts has a long-standing commitment to global relations and international research to address global problems. More than 60% of faculty members responding to a recent survey indicated they had engaged in international scholarly activities. 

DevTech Research Group

The Developmental Technologies Research Group, directed by Professor Marina Umaschi Bers at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development aims to understand how new technologies can play a positive role in children's development and learning. Our research involves three dimensions: theoretical contributions, design of new technologies, and empirical work with populations to test and evaluate the theory and the technologies.

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Tripoli Project

Initiated by the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, the Tripoli Project aims to mobilize the various specializations of The Fletcher School as well as the wider academic community in the Greater Boston Area to support and understand the revival of the city as it is led by its own people.  

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One Health

Humans, animals, and the environment are fundamentally linked, yet the strategies to address their health typically remain separate. A key goal of the Tufts One Health Committee is to catalyze innovative research, education, field experiences, and community engagement through a collaborative and interdisciplinary One Health approach. 

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Tea and Climate Change Collaborative

Tufts faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences and Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy   are involved in an interdisciplinary project team which includes the areas of anthropology, biology, chemistry, geography and climatology, nutrition science and policy, economics, and sustainable food systems.

Learn more about how genetic studies of today’s tea plants are providing clues to how the plant was first domesticated in Nature.

Learn more about how changes in temperature and rainfall patterns can affect the growing season, flavour and health benefits of tea in Nature.

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Feed the Future - Nutrition Innovation Lab

The goals of the Nutrition Innovation Lab are to generate empirical evidence on the effectiveness of integrated interventions targeting nutrition outcomes in vulnerable populations such as women, infants and young children and to generate human and institutional capacity at local and national levels to identify problems, apply appropriate research tools, assess intervention options, implement best practices, and document impact.

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South Asia Digital Humanities Lab

The South Asia Digital Humanities Lab at Tufts University pursues projects in oral history collection, global networked learning, multimedia indexing, and annotation. We seek collaborations to create a shared searchable corpus of South Asian multimedia materials online, and to leverage these instructional resources for education in connected classrooms.

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