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A directory of funding sources for global engagement for Tufts students. If you know of an internal funding source that you would like added to this list, please contact us

Global Research Assistant Program

The Global Research Assistant Program (GRAP) provides the opportunity for Tufts students to work with Tufts faculty members on international research and impact projects for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer. Application deadline is typically in February. 

Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize 

The Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize is an incentive award that enables the recipient(s) to undertake a research project, internship, volunteer activity, or plan of study in any field involving international issues. Application deadline is typically in February. 

Career Center Summer Internship Grants

The Career Center funds over 50 undergraduate students each summer doing unpaid internships for a minimum of 300 hours. These funds offer students the opportunity to explore career fields and gain experience. Application deadline is typically in March. 

Institute for Global Leadership - Empower Fellowship

The Empower Fellowship provides students the opportunity to launch social enterprises, participate in internships and conduct applied research related to social entrepreneurship in international or local community development. Application deadline is typically in March. 

International Relations Research Scholars

The IR Research Scholars Program (IRRSP) award supports original, high-quality undergraduate international research. The award will support a minimum of eight weeks of IR Core Faculty-mentored summer research. Application deadline is typically in February. 

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Program

The Laidlaw Scholarship funds undergraduate students over the course of two consecutive summers to pursue a research project of their choosing. Projects may have an international focus, in which case scholars could spend all or part of their second summer researching abroad. Application deadline is typically in February. 

Lily Glidden Award 

The Lily Glidden award aims to clear financial obstacles that keep a student from pursuing a dream, in the U.S. or internationally, to explore and learn about the interconnected life on our planet. This award is open to graduate and undergraduate students. Application deadline is typically in February. 

Sandler International Research Program

The Sandler International Research Program sponsors research trips abroad for scientific teams comprised of undergraduate and graduate students and a principal faculty investigators. Application deadline is typically in March. 

Summer Scholars Program

The Summer Scholars program funds rising juniors and seniors to pursue ten-week independent research projects. Application deadline is typically in March. 


Institute for Business in the Global Context Global Research Fellowship

Drawing upon the deep contextual understanding of the Fletcher student body, the Global Research Fellowship (GRF) provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct immersive on-the-ground research across the globe. 

Institute for Business in the Global Context Experiential Learning Fund

ELF offers Fletcher degree candidates the opportunity to apply for funding in support of original research objectives, including coursework, business plans, and thesis or dissertation projects. Application deadlines typically in December (winter break travel), February (spring break travel), and April (summer travel). 

Institute of Human Security Fellowship 

The Human Security Fellowship is designed to encourage young scholars focused on the human security agenda to pursue theoretical, empirical, and/or field-based research in human security and related fields. Consistent with our goal of fostering the development of the next generation of scholars and practitioners, this program provides support for one year of dissertation research and writing in human security and related topics in politics, economics, law, security, nutrition, and health. This award is for doctoral students only. Application deadlines are typically in November and March.

Institute of Human Security Research and Travel Grants 

The Leir Institute offers travel and research grants to support Fletcher doctoral and Master’s students focused on the human security agenda who either require funds to conduct field research or travel to a conference in which the applicant is presenting a paper or speaking on a panel. Application deadline is typically in January (spring travel), May (summer and fall travel), and October (winter travel). 

GSBS Student Enrichment Fund

The GSBS Student Enrichment Fund helps defray the cost of attending a meeting, course, seminar or workshop. Application deadlines are typically in September and March.

Global Health Programs Travel Grant 

To help students offset the cost of international travel associated with a global health experience, the School of Medicine offers partial funding opportunities through the Global Health Travel Grant. Application deadline is typically in October. 

Summer Research Fellowship

First-year medical students are offered the chance to apply for a summer research fellowship during the summer between their first and second year. Application deadline is typically in March. 

Tufts 1+4 Bridge-Year Service Learning Program 

Tisch College’s innovative bridge year program provides accepted Tufts students the opportunity to learn from a transformational year of full-time community service before beginning their academic studies. Through generous support from donors, Tufts 1+4 provides need-based support for any applicant who needs help defraying the costs of the program, including full support to all students who qualify for Tufts financial aid. Application deadlines are from March to May.

Tisch Summer Fellows: India

TSF: India fellows will spend their summer at a rural rural school in the Narayankhed region of Telangana, India. TSF: India will provide Tufts students with a full-time social impact placement as well as programmatic elements, guided reflection sessions, and support from a dedicated staff member. Application deadline is typically in January. 

Tisch Summer Fellows: International 

The international component of the Tisch Summer Fellows (TSF) program program supports undergraduate, graduate and, professional school students working on creative, self-designed projects that address challenging community issues outside of the United States. Application deadline is typically in March. 

Feinstein Summer Grants Program

The Feinstein International Center annual summer grants program is designed to stimulate applied research in issues pertaining to complex emergencies, humanitarian assistance, refugees and other migrants, natural disasters, and food security. The program is open to all Tufts students who have either a summer internship with an organization focused on humanitarian action, or an agreement to be hosted with such an organization while carrying out the research project. Application deadline is typically in March. 

Graduate Travel Support Program 

The Office of the Provost offers limited travel support for graduate students seeking an academic degree (academic PhD or research-based Master’s) to support their career development. The program provides airline flight vouchers for domestic and international travel. Application is on a rolling basis.

Institute for Global Leadership Global Research  

IGL encourages students to conduct original, policy-oriented research and projects that allow them to test their theories and assumptions on the ground. These projects often develop into significant projects and senior honors theses. Application deadlines are typically in October (spring break travel) and January (summer travel). 

Institute for Global Leadership Internships

IGL sponsors a variety of internationally focused internships. Application deadline is typically in April. 

Tufts Institute for the Environment Travel Grant

TIE Travel grants offset transportation costs and registration fees for Tufts students and faculty who are traveling for work or study. These travel grants facilitate research, learning, and outreach for Tufts students and faculty. TIE is committed to diversity of disciplines, fields, and research methods in accordance with measures of excellence. Application is ongoing August through March.

Fulbright US Student Program

The Fulbright grants support an individually designed study/research plan, artistic project, or English Teaching Assistantship that will take place during one academic year in a country outside the US. Fulbright grants are not restricted in field of study, and students and practitioners of the creative and performing arts are encouraged to apply. Application deadline is typically in October. 

Gilman Scholarship

The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad, providing them with skills critical to our national security and economic prosperity. Gilman offers scholarships of up to $5,000 to U.S. undergraduate students of high financial need participating in credit-bearing abroad programs or internships. Application deadline is typically in October and March. 


Global Research Assistant Program

The Global Research Assistant Program (GRAP) provides the opportunity for Tufts students to work with Tufts faculty members on international research and impact projects for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer. Application deadline is typically in February. 

Topol Fellows in Nonviolent Resistance

The Topol Scholars will receive up to $5,000 per person to spend a minimum of eight weeks during the summer of 2020 undertaking research or a research-focused internship about nonviolent resistance. MALD, MA, MIB, LLM, GMAP, and PhD students at Fletcher are eligible to apply. Full application details and deadlines are attached. Application deadline is typically in March.