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A Gull Flaps Its Wings and a Deadly Virus Explodes

New York Times
Cummings School’s Jonathan Runstadler is quoted about his collaborative research that examined influenza viruses circulating among different groups of birds and characterizes which types of birds are involved in spreading the virus. 

Britain Prepares to Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

The New York Times
Evan Easton-Calabria of the Friedman School’s Feinstein International Center is quoted about issues associated with the British government’s migration policy to send asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda. 

Bitter or Savory, Taste Genes Could Influence Your Diet

HealthDay News
Friedman School doctoral student Julie Gervis is quoted about a preliminary study she led examining the influence of taste-related genes on people's food preferences. Gervis will present the findings at the 2022 American Society for Nutrition (ASN) meeting. 

Do Seed Oils Make You Sick?

Consumer Reports
Friedman School Dean Dariush Mozaffarian is quoted throughout this article examining claims about the negative health impacts related to seed oils, noting that “...if you actually read the research, you’ll find that the evidence [against seed oils] is incorrect or incomplete.”