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Less staff, longer delays and fewer options: Rural America confronts a health care crisis

TUSM Maine Track students Katie Stevenson and Liv Fauver comment on their motivations for living and practicing medicine in rural communities. Maine Medical Center’s Dena Whitesell, also identified with a TUSM affiliation, is quoted about the TUSM Maine Track program, saying, “We know that students and residents who live in an area [and] who train in an area are more likely to practice in that area in the future.”

Dollar Tree can't afford to sell eggs anymore

TUSM collaborative research that found dollar stores are the fastest-growing food retailers in the contiguous United States is mentioned in this article, which appears in 43 additional outlets. 

What Biden’s deeply troubling asylum limit means for the economy

The Hill
Fletcher's Carlos Andres Alvarado Quesada writes this opinion piece on why be believes the Biden administration’s latest proposal to limit access to asylum is troubling, and he calls for robust partnerships on economic integration and migration among the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.