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The free market is a rigged casino

The Irish Times
This article analyzes the October 30 Scientific American article by A&S mathematician Bruce Boghosian, who wrote about the Tufts-developed “affine wealth model."

Ukraine vs. the Oligarchs

Foreign Policy
Fletcher's Chris Miller explains what's at stake in the conflict between government and oligarchs in Ukraine, via his Foreign Policy column.

China in the world: Political goals, commercial clout and recent trends

Asia Dialogue
Fletcher's Jonathan Brookfield writes this piece about China's increasing willingness to take action against individuals and organizations for behavior that occurs outside China, and the importance of not allowing American citizens to be bullied by an authoritarian government.

Propaganda Works Better Than Censorship

Fletcher's Bhaskar Chakravorti contrasts how the governments of India and Hong Kong tried to stifle turmoil by shutting down the Internet vs. supplying state-created content for social media.

The Chintzy Way Zappos Wants to Compensate Victims of a 2012 Data Breach

Fletcher School assistant professor Josephine Wolff discusses the Zappos 2012 data breach settlement in this opinion piece calling the compensation package “an astonishing step backward in data breach settlements and a disheartening reminder of how easy it is for major companies to still walk away from data breaches with minimal consequences.”