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Program Aims to Help Syrian Refugees Recover from Psychological Trauma

CBS News
Over 10 million people have been displaced by the nine year civil war in Syria, which shows no sign of ending. Millions of them have experienced psychological trauma, but may fear getting help because of a stigma associated with mental illness in the region. Help is also scarce, with less than 1% of aid dedicated to mental health. CBS This Morning traveled with Mike Niconchuk A11 to see a special program meant to address refugees’ mental health crisis.

Greeted as Liberators? Regime Change and Reality

Cato Institute
Fletcher postdoctoral scholar Benjamin Denison joins the podcast “Power Problems” to discuss how forcible regime change rarely achieves the goal of advancing U.S. interests. Denison is the author of “The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: The Failure of Regime-Change Operations.”