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Brighter World

Brighter World: The Campaign for Tufts is a $1.5 billion comprehensive fundraising campaign that will strategically bolster the Tufts experience and strengthen the university’s international leadership in higher education. Three priorities benefiting our students and faculty guide its progress, and each of these intersects with research bringing novel solutions to pressing global problems. This relevancy to urgent causes infuses the spirit of Brighter World; it instills an optimistic perspective that aims to engage the widest community of Tufts’ alumni, parents and friends, and marks an enduring shift in Tufts philanthropy. This endeavor has already inspired a worldwide community of campaign volunteers, the largest in Tufts’ history. 

Brighter World Causes and Priorities

Access to Higher Education

Tufts believes tuition should not be a barrier to education, and so strives to attract students from all socioeconomic backgrounds with generous financial aid. Because an intellectually vibrant community is inherently diverse and inclusive, the university will continue to expand scholarship resources and to give students the support they need to succeed.

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Advancing the Arts and Humanities

The excellence of the Tufts’ liberal arts experience reflects a commitment to nurturing the imagination through the arts and to critical thinking through rigorous open-ended inquiry in the humanities. Together, these opportunities shape self-confident, insightful, and brave leaders for a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

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Animal Health and Welfare

All animals deserve a healthy life. But safeguarding that right often depends on people with knowledge, compassion, and courage—people like Tufts faculty and students. On multiple fronts they champion animal health and welfare, from protecting endangered wildlife to developing medical therapies for companion animals.

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Disease Prevention

Tufts is an international center for disease treatment, prevention, research and fellowship training for good reason: it encompasses medical, public health, dental, nutrition, veterinary, engineering and life sciences research and teaching. As a health science powerhouse, Tufts is bringing fresh solutions to the world’s most daunting diseases and health threats.

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Global Security

Since the founding of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 1933, Tufts has been at the vanguard of educating insightful leaders fearless in the face of global conflict. Today it contributes to a university-wide conviction that education, scholarship, and outreach are foundations of global peace and stability.

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Obesity, Malnutrition, and Food Inequity

Every day discoveries reinforce that nutrition is key to good health and illness and disease prevention. Across Tufts, a talented array of scholars and researchers are bridging these new insights with integrated strategies that have positive, global impact.

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With unprecedented focus, Tufts is creating cross-disciplinary collaborations in laboratories and classrooms that reinforce its distinctive strengths in the STEM disciplines—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM principles are spurring approaches to teaching that accent self-discovery and hands-on problem solving.

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Strengthening Democracy

Tufts is marshalling resources to articulate the values of democracy through coursework, scholarship, and opportunities for civic and community engagement. Through such activity, Tufts endorses a larger vision for universities as institutions who do not sit on the sidelines, but who rather are engaged with protecting and advancing human freedom, dignity, and respect.

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Sustaining a Healthy Planet

At Tufts, we take sustainability to heart. Our campus planning gets steadily “greener” as our academic enterprises continue to generate promising ideas and solutions, in areas spanning renewable energy, conservation, urban planning and international policy.  

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