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Global Research Assistant Program

The Global Research Assistant Program (GRAP) provides the opportunity for Tufts students to work with Tufts faculty members on international research and impact projects for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer.

International Veterinary Medicine Summer Research Program

With support from faculty mentors, students develop their own international research projects. This popular program has been a key part of the IVM curriculum since it began in 1982. To date, hundreds of students have successfully carried out research all over the world

Institute for Global Leadership Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences

Students are encouraged to conduct original, policy-oriented research and projects that allow them to test their theories and assumptions on the ground. Since 1986, more than 650 students have conducted research or participated in an international internship in more than 70 countries. These projects often develop into significant projects and senior honors theses. 

Laidlaw Scholars Program

The Laidlaw Scholarship funds undergraduate students over the course of two consecutive summers to pursue a research project of their choosing. Scholars are supported for up to six weeks each summer, working closely with a faculty mentor of their choosing. Faculty mentors must be Tufts faculty, and can come from any of the University’s schools. Research projects can focus on a variety of topics. Projects may also have an international focus, in which case scholars could spend all or part of their second summer researching abroad. Students may also apply as part of a team working on a common research question.

Summer Scholars Program 

The Summer Scholars program funds rising juniors and seniors to pursue ten-week independent research projects. As part of the program, students work closely with a faculty mentor to create a poster to present at a poster session in the fall. Summer Scholars then present the next stage of their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring. Often, the summer project will culminate in a senior honors thesis.