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Whether you’re traveling solo, facilitating a program, or leading a group of students abroad, Global Operations offers the university community International Safety Training throughout the semester.

We highly encourage everyone traveling on university business to attend a training session. The purpose of the training is to familiarize travelers with various aspects of international travel safety principles as well as the resources available through Tufts, including the Tufts emergency medical assistance coverage administered through International SOS.

 We can customize the training to your specific travel plans or group needs and go beyond the basics to cover additional topics.

 Training topics include:

  • Preparing for an international trip and the essential steps to take before departing
  • Exploring the basics of travel safety principles
  • Understanding common travel risks and valuable mitigation practices
  • Getting to know the resources available to Tufts travelers and how to use them
  • Traveling to high-risk locations or carrying out high-risk activities abroad
  • Traveling with digital devices and protecting your privacy, including cybersecurity, surveillance, and communication while abroad
  • Activating support and assistance in an emergency for yourself or a student
  • Other topics, as requested

 We welcome the opportunity to assist Tufts travelers, with all degrees of international experience, in mitigating their risk exposure and being prepared and confident travelers and group leaders. To request an individual or group training, or to learn more, please email Tufts Global Operations at or call 617-627-3981.